We are a premier one-stop shop providing full business life cycle services for clients looking to do business in SSA for the first time, or for clients that are already participating in the SSA market. We provide advice and work with our clients to execute the mandate locally.


E-mail: dokun@introafrica.com
B.Sc. FCA (Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales)

Dokun spearheads the team of select professionals at IntroAfrica.

Dokun has worked for over 30 years in London’s financial sector covering a wide range of industries and geographies, including Sub-Sahara Africa. Dokun leverages his broad experience and extensive professional contacts to facilitate deals and market inroads into Africa.

Dokun qualified as a Chartered Accountant in London with PriceWaterhouseCoopers. At PWC he managed several audit and consultancy mandates in manufacturing, general and life insurance, airline, real estate investment and banking sectors.

Dokun started his banking career at S.G. Warburg (now UBS) where he was an Executive Director in Audit and Finance before moving to Citibank’s Emerging Markets Fixed Income and Currencies (FICC) business. He held various roles over his 15 year career at Citibank including Finance Director of a large UK subsidiary, Treasury head in the Global Securities Services business and Business Manager (COO) of the bank’s Sub-Sahara FICC business and Global G10 foreign exchange dealing business.

E-mail: sohail@introafrica.com

Sohail’s extensive experience equips him with key skills to help assure clients’ strategies are appropriately aligned and executed effectively to yield desired profitable outcomes. He combines effective risk control and cost management with proven revenue maximization initiatives and models to achieve desired goals for clients. He is particularly positioned to guide clients through the rigorous legislative areas of anti-money laundering and investment banking.

He has over 25 years of experience in prominent hands-on and leadership roles in the Investment Banking and Business Consulting sectors as well as experience in Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Brewery industries. His areas of responsibility included accounting, audit, risk control, treasury, anti-money laundering and investment banking. While at a world leading consultancy employer, he led the Knowledge Process Outsourcing business that focused on helping clients reduce costs and maximize productivity while continuing to deliver quality products to their clients and business partners.

Sohail qualified as a Chartered Accountant (Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales), a Corporate Treasurer, and a Financial Planning & Analysis Professional after graduating from University of London. He also studied Corporate Finance at the London Business School.

E-mail: kunle@introafrica.com

Kunle’s education, professional and vocational background equip him to provide premium result-oriented services to clients seeking entry and sustained presence in the African market.

Kunle is a Certified Public Accountant, with over 25 years of experience in the United States and related global Manufacturing, Financial & IT Consulting, Regulatory Compliance, Oil & Gas, Automotive, and Building Products & Services industries. He holds professional certifications and institute memberships covering Regulatory and Statutory Compliance requirements in finance, business operations, transactional and IT sectors. Prior to that, he qualified as a Chartered Accountant and became a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Nigeria (ICAN). He worked in the Banking, Manufacturing, and Oil & Gas sectors.

Kunle led the global change management assurance services for two of his Fortune 200 employers over a period of 11 years. This position among others honed his skills in compliance, business development, risk management, loss mitigation, financial planning & analysis among others. He is extensively experienced in performing and successfully coordinating these critical tasks in various cultures globally including the burgeoning emerging markets.

E-mail: deji@introafrica.com
B.Sc., LLM

‘Deji is the appropriately seasoned commercial legal practitioner required to help IntroAfrica clients navigate the legal minefield that international trade presents in general. His 25 years of international experience in the legal profession covers clientele in sectors including Hospitality, Oil & Gas, Automotive Industry, Real Estate, Public Sector, Construction, Banking and Insurance.

Deji applies his multi-disciplinary legal proficiency and formal education in Economics to successfully service clients, with distinct advantage, in Europe, Asia, The Caribbean, and Africa.

‘Deji graduated in Economics, followed by Law (LLB and LLM) from the University of Bristol. He has also been a prominent member of the Nigerian Bar since 1989.

‘Deji established a full service commercial law firm, Ukpong & Omotoso, in 1992, growing this into a multi-jurisdictional international law firm with clientele in locations such as the UK, USA, Japan, China, Denmark and Bermuda. In 2006, Ukpong & Omotoso entered into a strategic alliance with two other Nigerian law firms to form Consolex Legal Practitioners where ‘Deji remains a Founding Partner to date. The Firm has offices in all of the main commercial centres in Nigeria.

‘Deji is well established and entrenched in the Nigerian business firmament. As a generational member of Nigeria’s professional elite, ‘Deji’s contact base is both varied and extensive, spanning the public and private commercial sectors alike.

E-mail: vivian@introafrica.com

Vivian has several years of experience in navigating the Nigerian market. She has applied her territorial knowledge of the market, its demographics and commercial culture to help develop the consumer and retail segments in telecommunications.

Her customer requirement and solution definition skills enable her to support clients and help them achieve their goals and objectives in the market.

Vivian’s efficiency at being available and accessible to global clients, providing periodic updates and status tracking provides the signature assurance that IntroAfrica offers to clients.

In her duties of coordinating Sales, Customer Relationship Management and Business Development, Vivian provides clients with clear mapping of transactions, follow through and beneficial suggestions.

IntroAfrica’s global clients are well served by Vivian’s education and experience. She holds a Masters degree in Public and International affairs from the University of Lagos, following her Bachelors degree in Linguistics. She is a Certified Customer Service Professional.

E-mail: freddie@introafrica.com
BA Business Administration, MSc. Business Engineering, MSc. Management Sciences

Freddie has intricate knowledge and fluency of several cultures and languages having studied and worked in several countries across Europe and French speaking West Africa. He knows the economic implications of proper navigation within and across each one of these cultures. This equips him with unique skills to provide effective ‘IntroAfrica’ services that significantly benefit our clients. He has extensive experience in finance, marketing, change management, product and business life cycle management. Freddie is experienced in providing grass roots leadership and has served as Trustee and Director for Head for Business, a successful charity dedicated to economic empowerment.

Freddie’s experience spans over 15 years in major sectors including Banking and Finance, Food & Beverages, Forest Products, Internet & Software Engineering, Publishing, Payments and related technology. He is resourced to support clients with his hands-on expertise in global Cash Management including areas of Funding, Liquidity, Payments and Treasury, Clearing and Settlements.

Freddie has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and post graduated in both Business Engineering and Management Sciences. He has held senior positions at CITIBANK, SOCIETE GENERALE, STORA ENSO, and VISA Europe. Most recently, he has been a Product Manager at ACE SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS and DOVETAIL SYSTEMS.

E-mail: tomi@introafrica.com

Tomi has built a successful career in international marketing, financial services, business transformation and strategy. She is extensively resourced in the African market to help IntroAfrica clients to succeed in entering the Nigerian and African markets, which the international community finds challenging. She is positioned to apply her skills and experience as a financial trainer, marketer, author and entrepreneur, with clear oratory skills to navigate the cultural nuances in Africa on the clients’ behalf. Her international marketing experience combined with a long and outstanding career in financial services gives her a particularly strong focus on ROI, a strength that she brings to bear with any sales and marketing team or management.

Tomi graduated Magna Cum Laude with Departmental Honours in Economics and has an MBA from the University of Nottingham. She has worked in the financial services sector in the UK and Nigeria for over 15 years. Tomi is the author of several academic financial services books, including those that are essential to obtaining FCA-recognised financial advice qualifications.

Tomi is presently a visiting lecturer at a UK University where she teaches undergraduates Business Management including e- business and entrepreneurship and lectures post-graduate students on the Masters in Business Administration programme.

E-mail: alex@introafrica.com

Alexander has broad and extensive experience within investment banking, Agriculture, Global Macroeconomics and Computing.

Alexander has over 10 years’ experience within wholesale capital markets, having worked with major US and European investment banks. Alexander has exposure to multiple asset classes, and specialises in Economic Analysis and Macro trading in both G10 and Emerging Markets. Alexander also has extensive experience in Risk Management, Global Custody and Prime Brokerage.

Alexander is currently an MBA candidate at University of Chicago, Booth chool of Business and holds a Master’s degree in Economics, with a Major in Agricultural Economics from Imperial College London. He was awarded the Ephraim Lucas prize at the University. Alexander also holds a Joint Honors Bachelor’s degree in Computing and Economics from the University of Kent.

Alexander has a strong professional global network and an appetite for travelling, having ventured through Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

E-mail: sidney@introafrica.com

Sidney comes with 15 years of Marketing and Banking experience within Ghana and the West African Sub-Region, knowledgeable in the consumer products landscape and with a specialty in market penetration strategy.

As Media and Events Manager and later Sales and Marketing Manager for Parry & Company limited (Ghana), he was responsible for the penetration and growth of the internationally acclaimed ‘Star Kist’ Tuna product in Ghana, Burkina Faso, Benin Republic and Nigeria. He has also provided marketing consultancy services in the management of product launches, exhibitions and media promotions. He has a vast experience in events organization in Ghana and beyond.

Sidney has built capacity in Retail (Consumer) banking beginning with Intercontinental Bank and Access Bank (Ghana) and leverages his experience with an extensive nationwide and sub-regional connections.